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Export DG Cargo

Handling Hazardous & Dangerous Cargo.
The International Maritime Dangerous Goods (IMDG) Code specifies norms and regulations for ships carrying different types of dangerous goods. The code has been implemented to prevent accidents of fire/explosion and ensure utmost safety/security while handling dangerous cargo. A PFSO who is in charge of the overall safety and security of the cargo while it is being handled on port facilities and transferred from or onto ships, must know the following to avoid any kind of accidents or compromises that can happen when handling sensitive cargo.

Know The Cargo Groups
Cargoes are divided into three main groups and each has a specific plan to store, transport and handling in case of accident or spill:

Group 1: Cargo which are extremely dangerous
Group 2: Cargo with moderate danger
Group 3: Cargo with less danger

These include: explosive, flammable, corrosive, noxious, poisonous, radioactive and irritative substances, commodities which emit poisonous vapour and are dangerous when wet, bio-medical material, substances liable to spontaneous combustion, pressurised gases and magnetised metal.